My Trip to Chile was Amazing!

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I’ve had a bunch of people wondering how my trip to Chile went. My trip to Chile was amazing. The rivers were wild. Probably like Alaska was 100 years ago. I explored dozens of rivers, found many that will be amazing rivers to fish for king salmon. The main season in Chile for Kings is February-March. JD Richey and I went to early for the Kings but are main objective was accomplished. We found the rivers we want to fish. Right now I’m working on sending two Jet boats to Chile for next year. The boats are done but I didn’t have enough time to get them down there and fish this season. Pretty amazing place.

Local Report:
The Russian river is probably one of the best steelhead options in California this year. I have Friday open if anyone would like to get out.  Bob Sparre’s Guide Service 916-826-3600

Chile Trip

King Salmon

Chile Trip

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