American river Steelhead Report

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I didn’t have a chance competing with this Sea Lion on the American river yesterday. This video was taken as the sea lion was going through the top of the Hippo run into the Beaver hole or lower Sailor Bar as many of you may know it. The video doesn’t do it justice on how big it was.

This is not good when the American river has at least three Sea Lions eating the last of the few salmon that spawned in the river this year. The fish don’t have a chance. Another area of concern is the American river did not have many salmon spawn naturally in the river. Millions of dollars have been spend on huge gravel projects throughout the river that did not get used. It does not matter how much spawning gravel is put in the river if there is not enough fish in the river to use it!

The Fish Hatcheries needs to start raising as many fish as they have in the past. What they have been doing in the last 7-8 years is not working. We do not have Native salmon or steelhead left in the American river. Bring our river back to what it use to be.

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